Q: What is votebyip.com?
A: A convenient hassle free 3rd party social media service for setting up online surveys and polls where users can cast votes without any registration process. In addition users can rate surveys based on their quality.

Q: Do I need to register to use this service?
A: NO! This is the main advantage. Save time and avoid the usual cumbersome registering process.

Q: Who can use this service?
A: Anyone who wants to create a survey, or cast a vote on existing polls.

Q: What is this survey quality rating all about?
A: Not only can you vote on a survey, you can rate the quality of each survey. Overall the rating of the surveys is a social activity based on overall Likeness, Fairness, Importance and Funniness. Most liked, most fair, most important and most funny questions bubble to the top in their respective categories.

Q: How does it work with this IP stuff?
A: A user uses his IP ADDRESS as a unique identifier that allows him/her to cast a vote. User is allowed to vote only once per IP ADDRESS.

Q: What is the advantage?
A: This type of user identification is implicit and allows for a vote to be casted without a user having to go through any registering system just to cast a simple vote.

Q: Where could votebyip.com be used?
A: VoteByIp could be used literally anywhere. Create a poll and post a link on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Message Boards or any other website.

Q: What is the point of all of this? I could just host a survey on my own blog, my facebook, or on my favorite message board!
A: Polls are not always available everywhere. People might not feel comfortable voting when the vote could be linked to their particular account. Most people hate registration. Our method also attracts potential votes who do not have an account on Twitter, Facebook, or any message board.

Q: What exactly is this unique IP ADDRESS?
A: In summary: It's a unique number associated with your current internet connection that identifies you. Please see here to see what an IP ADDRESS is.

Q: I heard it is possible to get your IP ADDRESS changed in certain cases. Isn't this system subjected to bias?
A: Yes, this sort of system is not perfect. Similarly by creating a voting system on a message board, the system is subject to bias by people creating multiple accounts and voting. Other sites which do not require registration might use cookies to control who has voted already. This system itself is not perfect either as cookies can be easily deleted.

Q: Where I live I share an IP ADDRESS with bunch of people. This is very common among students/roomates and in bunch of dorms and even many house holds. Why use IP ADDRESS?
A: This is the downside of the technology on how we identify uniqueness. Generally, chances are that a group of people under the same roof might be interested in different things. If a big need arises we hope to address this issue in the future.

Q: I don't like this. Why do you bother identifying uniqueness by IP ADDRESS?
A: This method has allot more potential if ISPs moves more towards assigning static addresses. Perhaps this will happen in the future. For now it has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage - it gives better protection than using cookies but does not require registration.

Q: What features are coming in the future?
A: We hope to implement profiles. Example: a band could create a survey for their fans. The band would be able to have their own profile page with a link to their MySpace page. The band would host a survey for fans to vote on their favorite song.